CRAEKKER is a label for children‘s backpacks and bags, trolleys, gymbags, flapsacks… 

CRAEKKER is born in Hamburg, raised in Amsterdam. 

CRAEKKER lets kids be kids – and does so without cutesy animals, cartoon characters or rabbit ears. We believe that little people do not need all this. Instead, they need a trusted companion on their daily adventures. With child-friendly shapes and high-quality, eco-conscious materials, with bold and beautiful colours and with clever details* that keep kids’ needs in mind. 

*Here are a few to name: YKK-zippers with easy-to-navigate-pullers, padded back panels and shoulder straps (adjustable!), hidden secret pockets, woven nametag and stitched logo… Well, we just agree with Ray Eames’ motto: „Details are not details. They make the design“. 

CRAEKKER takes tiny’s things


80% of our bags and backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles and collected ocean plastic waste (following the Global Recycled standard Certificate). We are working hard on making it a 100% (but it has to be more than marketing to us).


That assures long-lasting bags and backpacks. You just can keep wearing
them, maybe even pass them on (to your brother or sister or best friend). That is real sustainability to us.


Because unicorns, owls, supermans … come and go. But good design stays. That’s why our products don’t need a style replacement every season. They are the opposite of fast fashion disposable items.


Janina is CRAEKKER‘s communications expert and driving force. She is a trained fashion editor and works as a design journalist. Design and aesthetics are particularly close to her heart. But for her, backpacks and bags must also be able to handle any daily adventure. Since Janina has two little girls and one big dog, she knows how important children‘s bags are (and how often moms end up carrying them…).

Marian is the guy behind the scenes of CRAEKKER, but that doesn‘t mean he‘s on the sidelines. On the contrary: His expertise, advice and support play a crucial role. With his background in the fashion industry, his knowledge in accessories and sourcing (plus huge daddy love for his daughters and family-life )there could be no better person for this role.

Franziska is an art director, graphic designer and founder of Roadtyping: a label for beautiful stationery and other favourite items. Franziska is also the mom of son Leo and Labrador Lotta. Her love of the great outdoors often takes her into her VW bus and on the roads to nowhere. Somewhere out there is where we met — and since then she has joined the CRAEKKER journey…

Gesa, Marius, Rickie, Zoe … friends and family from all over the world help us to get CRAEKKER going. (Meet them on our Instagram channel #craekkerbags soon!)